Video learning tools boost  engagement and achievement.

Video is a great tool for enhancing the learning experience. With benefits across blended learning, remote teaching and help content, it offers an excellent return on investment. We're experienced delivering quality educational video, both for businesses and world-class educational institutions. 

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a new type of classroom

With the rise of the 'flipped classroom' and blended learning, video has become a key component of the learning experience. Video as an educational tool not only improves test results, but offers numerous additional benefits.

Students get greater control over when and where they study, it offers flexibility in when and where it can be watched, and it's proven to increase information retention. It's no wonder students prefer the overall learning experience when there is a video element to it.

Video as a learning tool.

Of course, there is no substitute for face-to-face teaching, however video can be a highly effective tool to support the classroom. In addition to offering a better student experience, it can free up the teaching staff for more in-depth or specialist teaching, and adds value to more students than could be catered for with standard online lectures.



Studies have shown video can increase motivation, increase engagement, and improve overall results. It gives both students and teaching staff more flexibility.



Video is a key component of a rich learning environment. It also frees academics to concentrate on more focused, and one-to-one, teaching.



Video is a solid investment. Once produced it provides ongoing value at a marginal cost. Whether adding value to current students, or driving new revenue streams.

What we do. 

We offer a range of services and advice in education. We've built studios for universities, taught classes in video production, as well as producing a range of high quality videos and animations. Our team is passionate about using video as a way to both improve and increase knowledge and understanding.


Lecture videos

Video as a learning tool is a cost effective way to improve student satisfaction and raise achievement. It's more important than ever to be creating quality video. We've shot in studios and on campus, and now have systems to do this remotely.


Help videos

We advocate using the content pyramid to create a balanced mix of content. Help videos can sometimes be overlooked but offer many opportunities to educate, solve customer problems, improve experiences, and drive SEO and rankings.   


Training and insight

Our team have experience teaching filming making at a number of universities in London. We have now developed this into short practical courses on video strategy and video creation for students and businesses to improve their knowledge. 

our education showreel

We work with a wide range of universities in the UK, and across Europe, creating both marketing videos and educational content. To see some of our work please watch our showreel here.

Need advice on creating video content for educational uses. We'd be happy to arrange a consultation call.

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