User-Gen meets professional production.

This easy to use filming app offers amazing opportunities to film unique user generated content, and it does so whilst simultaneously ensuring tight control of the brief and professional quality final videos. 

The h10 studio filming app

Our unique h10 studio smartphone application brings control and confidence to your User-Gen video productions. We work with you to develop the tasks to capture, train and guide the participants and manage the project from start to finish. Your students, staff or participants then film and capture the content themselves, once shot it is uploaded to us so we can edit and deliver high-quality, on-brand UGC video. 

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There is no better way to produce great authentic user-gen video.

The app is easy to setup and is designed specifically to assist person filming to get the best results, with a clear shot list, and tips to help guide and assist. From a production perspective it means greater control over the direction and final video, something that has always been difficult with user generated video. There really is no better way to produce great user generated video. 


1. plan

Together we plan the brief, then list of questions in the app for participants. We provide tips and training videos to ensure everyone is ready.


2. film

Footage can be captured simultaneously anywhere in the world giving endless opportunities. Once filmed it is automatically uploaded to us for editing.


3. edit

When received, we edit to give it a professional look. Ensuring the final video not only has that authentic user generated feel, but also stays on brand.


Recent projects

We’ve worked on a range of projects this year, from a single contributor all the way up to 70+ students submitting clips simultaneously from as far a field as USA, China and South America. So you can see how it works in practice, below are some examples of some recent projects:

Cambridge University International Arrivals

Six international students share their excitement and worries about leaving their home country to come study in Cambridge. Using a mixture of our h10 studio filming app and professional filming, we captured a new chapter in these students lives.

Imperial College Global Experience Week in Iceland

The Imperial College Weekend MBA class of 2020-21 took part in their Global Experience Week trip to Iceland. Designed to expose students to a new culture and business environment, they had the opportunity to really dive deep into Icelandic society.

Middlesex University

The aim was to help encourage prospective students in clearing to confirm their places ahead of the next academic year. Each video had a single contributor who was currently studying and gave insights on what it was like at MDX.

City, University of London

This video gave top tips from students on budgeting at Uni. The students got very involved with tried more advanced filming techniques, all enjoyed the process and made a really engaging video.

ESCP Business School

As part of a week long project in partnership with L’Oréal and 55 students, we created daily IGTV stories, as well as a main highlights for Youtube which you can see here.

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