At h10 agency, we provide expert, end-to-end video production services for HE.  Our approachable and skilled team specialise in producing videos that engage, inform and inspire.
Crafting online videos that are both eye-catching and effective is our passion, with services thoughtfully tailored to strengthen Higher Education Marketing teams.
Creative treatment, storyboarding, script-writing, concept phase.
From Directors to runners, we work with passionate and expert film-makers, with a full range of equipment to successfully deliver your vision.
Our editors and motion graphic team bring the shots to life and on brand .....
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We can help you make videos blend creativity, storytelling and leave a lasting impression. Our expert team of creatives transform your vision into reality, creating top of the funnel videos that resonate with prospective students. 


These videos offer a window into the real-world experience of Uni, and help prospects make informed choices. A central part of the video mix and a key asset. Seamlessly blending information and visual allure, we capture the essence of your institution and the learning atmosphere.

Student & Alumni

University life represents a transformative journey, and these personal videos are invaluable in allowing prospective students to step into the shoes of those who have gone before them. Personal narratives are a source of inspiration for filmmakers; we take great pleasure in bringing people’s stories to life.


With many years working on events, we’re experts at capturing all the energy and excitement. Video makes your events shine brighter, extending their life long after they’ve ended.


We’ve developed unique approach merging student creativity with professional production. Our Recordr app makes it easy to capture exceptional UGC video, thats both high-quality and on-brand. Your students become storytellers, sharing their experiences. Video powered by trust and authenticity.

Recordr: the UGC filming app

A smart filming webapp specifically designed for user-gen video. Students or alumni capture video on their phone or desktop guided by professional video producers. The result, great looking and authentic user-generated video. Perfectly suited to the HE sector, and a powerful way to engage your community.

Whether you want to explore a single story or reach 100+ students across the world, Recordr is the perfect choice.


Social is a key element of any project. We tailor content meticulously for each platform, ensuring your message resonates with videos designed for maximum effectiveness. From YouTube to TikTok, create videos that grab attention and drive the conversation.

With many years working on events, we’re experts at capturing all the energy and excitement. Video makes your events shine brighter, extending their life long after they’ve ended.


Motion graphics leave a lasting impression and help communicate your message with precision. From conception to execution, our team can help elevate your content and turn ideas into reality.


At times, a DIY approach is ideal. We assist marketing teams and students in creating and producing video content, as well as making the most of the videos they produce. We assist in maximising in-house production capabilities through workshops and online support.


There’s nothing better than grabbing the viewer’s attention in real space and in real-time. Our team excels at marrying storytelling with AV technologies, creating immersive experiences that captivate your audiences.