Do Nation

Do Nation helps you be more sustainable. They give tools, tips, reminders and real time data so you and your community can have a positive, lasting impact … At h10, we strongly encourage you to make a pledge! You can visit their website by clicking here.


Do Nation approached us to create a short, top-level explainer video that clearly communicates the essence of what they do, and how to use their platform in a nutshell.


A first approach was to create a short animation with a voice-over, as these work very well for short explainers. But animation can sometimes miss the human ‘warmth’, and this is an essential aspect of what Do Nation is about. So we decided to have a presenter, and not anyone: Hermione, the founder was the best candidate being the face of the brand. Mixed together with simple motion graphics to illustrate each point across. Despite the seriousness of the subject – how to make an impact to the environment – the tone of voice is light-hearted, fun, and upbeat to match the brand’s communication style.


Our producer created the messaging and carefully picked the elements of the text that would be illustrated into animated graphics, either around the presenter, or as full-screen graphics to emphasize certain points. We then filmed Hermione in their nice office space near Vauxhall, using a teleprompter.
In post-production, we combined her messaging together the motion graphic elements, in a clear, vibrant and light-hearted style.


The video has been a real boost for our client, making it easier to connect with and convince some companies and ‘Doers’ to join. It’s been a positive addition, contributing to better engagement and some noticeable improvements in conversions.