ESCP Gala 2023

A date not to be missed by ESCP London Campus students! The gala stands as a flagship event each year.

It attracted 300 students from 7 different degree programmes and many members of ESCP faculty and professional services for what is one of the highlights of the London Campus’ social calendar.

During the night, the guests were treated to a surprise performance from BOX9, a UK leading drumline and bass collective. Their past performances included shows hosted by Netflix, Strictly Come Dancing, Glastonbury Festival, NFL, Jean Paul Gaultier, and many more.

The event continued until late on the dance floor, with music provided by signed Universal Music label artist DJ and ESCP alumnus (2017) Harold Van Lennep.


Encapsulate the best moments of the event in a short event highlight video: students looking their best, in a beautiful venue, with great food, music and entertainment.

Alongside that, create the on-screen visuals for the BOX9 audiovisual show.

Target platforms: YouTube, social media (FB, IG, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn), events. Use various formats: horizontal, vertical, square.


For this type of event, the trick is to cover all areas – to ensure we don’t miss anything.
The event is broken into different parts: students’ arrival, reception drinks, entering the main gala area, the various speeches and stage action, and the finish on the dance floor.
4-crew, with two roaming cameras, fixed cameras for the stage, and a vox pop team.

Our editor was then spoiled for choice, to edit together the best visuals of the event, building up a visual chronological narrative to reconstruct the main phases of the evening.
The narrative elements were provided by using the best quotes from the vox pops, which resonate with the client’s brand values, and extracts from the speeches and stage action. The end result recreates the energy and excitement of the evening, in less than 3 minutes.


This video has swiftly become a flagship addition to the London campus portfolio, catering to both prospective and current students on their London and European campuses. According to our client, it stands out as the most effective method for enticing students to attend the gala, and making a valuable contribution to the top-of-the-funnel marketing strategy for potential students.