Executive MBA Alumni Interview: Julie Driscoll


Imperial College Business School approached us to film an interview with Julie Driscoll, CEO of Olympia London, and an Alumna of the Executive MBA programme. The aim was to connect with successful alumni in their community, who could offer first hand experiences on why they choose the course, and what it meant for both them and supporting their career.



Our approach for this project was principally based around an interview with Julie, featuring cut-aways to her and the interviewer discussing Olympia’s project over the Architect’s model of the new building and Imperial College Business School. The video included an introduction with Joel, from Imperial, and focused topically on female leadership. We wanted to produce a modern and fresh video that had a quality feel in how it was shot and edited. 



We were contacted fairly last-minute to produce the video, and as such it did present some challenges in planning due to uncertainties about locations, permissions, and time constraints. Moving quickly, we undertook a Zoom call with the client, organising a concise schedule and how we might best work within any restrictions.

The shoot itself had a very experienced crew, but due to time constraints we made sure to plan the technical setup before arriving. We utilised battery powered LED lighting and pre-set cameras, allowing us to position each element quickly but correctly and maximise shooting time on the day. 

Post-Production involved editing a full 15-minute interview version, a shorter 4-minute version, and the creation of social videos for platforms like TikTok. The high-quality look and feel of the piece is something we feel neatly reflects the calibre of both the course and interview.  


This video played a significant role in strengthening our client’s position as a world-class educational institution, contributing to the growth and development of top-tier entrepreneurs.