Graduate Attributes Campaign | Karla


Middlesex University approached us with a specific project – the creation of three videos aimed at showcasing career-focused courses and the valuable employability support MDX offers their students. The driving force behind this initiative is Middlesex’s commitment to ensuring course quality and enhancing future employability prospects for prospective students.

The three case studies place the partnerships with employers front and centre, including an exclusive NHS placement, PwC Project Consultancy Module, and the inspiring journey of a Brand Engagement Executive who pursued an MSc in Digital Marketing. Additionally, we explore the success story of a BA Film graduate who now works as a Script Supervisor on film sets.

The project’s objectives were clear: increase traffic to the university’s career pages and generate engagement through a social media campaign. The target audience comprises both undergraduate and postgraduate students. To effectively deliver its message, the project would create multiple videos tailored for various social media platforms.


Our creative response to this challenge was to craft three compelling videos, each narrating the personal success stories of individual students and alumni. These stories would highlight their transformative journeys towards their careers, with the invaluable support of Middlesex University’s employability programs.


In the pre-production phase, we dedicated two days to each of the three videos. We conducted Zoom meetings with the featured individuals to understand their stories, craft scripts, choose filming locations, and create storyboards that would best convey their narratives.

The production phase involved a single day of shooting for each video. This encompassed interviews, as well as staged scenes depicting their academic lives, professional journeys, and exploration of London locations near the University.

For post-production, we spent three days on each video. This phase included assembly, client review, sound design, and colour grading. Additionally, we reformatted the videos to suit various social media platforms, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

By focusing on the personal journeys and success stories of Middlesex University’s students and alumni, our approach conveyed the university’s commitment to quality education and career development in a friendly and authentic manner. Ultimately the videos were of a very high quality, but also balanced those personal stories that really resonate with prospective students.



This series of videos had a very good impact as part of Middlesex University’s ‘Future You Want’ campaign, positioning it as a premier institution that provides career-focused courses.