Graduation Guidance



Create an instructional video for Imperial College London Graduation Day. 

Purpose: to inform graduates of regulations and conduct on the day of graduation for a smooth-running and respectable event.

For the video to be captivating and not too authoritarian in the instructions the idea was to make a comedy. Example BA Safety Video 

Target platforms: YouTube, email campaign to Imperial College’s graduants.



Our creative team analysed the 15 points of information we needed to include in the video and the example BA Safety Video Imperial had given us, as the core elements of the reference were mistaken identity and irreverent humour we worked closely with a comedy duo Crizards to write the script they would eventually perform.


We merged crucial instructions with the style of humour in the BA Safety Video. The video cleverly combined regulations and conduct guidelines with relatable scenarios, engaging graduates and fostering a sense of unity. The outcome is an engaging guide that guarantees a seamless and respectful Imperial College London Graduation Day. 


We rehearsed with Crizards and booked a white studio to emulate the BA video. We make a precise storyboard to assist with scheduling and delivery of the performances. Working closely with IC along the way to make sure we kept the right balance of jokes and information.


The shoot took place over a single day, we worked to a tight schedule on location, with multiple camera set-ups and including student and IC’s Dean cameoes. 


As everything was storyboarded the edit was fairly straight forward and we were able to focus on performances.


This video not only ensured a smoother graduation event compared to previous years but has also evolved into a powerful brand advocacy tool for students. It convincingly communicates that their university consistently goes beyond the ordinary.