ICLMS Imperial College


Imperial College London Mathematics School, is a new institution specialising in further maths for 17-18-year-olds. They approached us for a promotional video which would raise awareness of its opening and attract applicants, parents, and teachers, generating interest in the school. The diverse target audience required tailored messaging for various platforms, including TikTok.


Initially, we considered an animated video, but due to pending brand guidelines, we opted for a traditional interview-based approach. We drew inspiration from a previous project for LSBU and the Lambeth Group Schools, aiming for an authentic and natural look. A structured narrative highlighted the school’s benefits, the value of further maths, and career pathways. The video was semi-scripted to maintain authenticity while delivering key messages.



In pre-production, we planned for a two-day shoot, with locations including the Woodhouse site and Imperial College London South Kensington Campus. We ensured flexibility in capturing interviews, cutaways, and locations.


Production spanned two days, providing visual context for the school’s location and partnership with Imperial College London. The producer guided interviewees to capture the necessary content. Interviews included representatives from those behind the project, partners, academics, and current/former students.


The main 3-minute edit was created for online viewing and an event. We also produced shorter social videos for platforms like TikTok. The TikTok video gained significant traction with over 50k views and many positive comments and likes.



The project’s success led to additional social content creation. Additional interview questions on the shoot days allowed for future content options at a relatively low cost, something that had been planned from the outset. 


The video had a measurable increase in leads and new applications for the course, doubling its size. The video’s success on TikTok was particularly of note, reaching a large number of the younger age groups who might consider this route in their education pathway. This project demonstrated the company’s ability to tailor content for educational institutions and different platforms, and creating content worked for a broad range of demographics.