International Arrivals | Cambridge University

“I can’t lie, watching that made me feel really emotional! I signed up to this video to help other nervous international students make their decision to apply to Cambridge, but I’ve actually ended up with a beautiful movie that documents such a significant journey in my life, and I’ll cherish it forever.”


Cambridge University commissioned us to create a video highlighting international students’ journeys. Using Recordr, our state-of-the-art, user-centric video capture tool, we collaborated with students from Jordan, Vietnam, California, and Australia, capturing diverse landscapes.

The film’s goal was to reassure potential applicants by showcasing the stories of four students arriving at Cambridge. Focused on the student experience, extracurriculars, and the multicultural city, it aimed to depict Cambridge as a welcoming place.


We took a candid approach to the brief, seamlessly blended styles. To document their journey to Cambridge, students utilised our UGC video content creation tool, Recordr , recording moments on their mobile phones. Upon reaching Cambridge, we seamlessly transitioned to professional filming, symbolising their transformative journey and culminating in a more confident and settled state, fully prepared to embrace their studies.


At the outset of the project, we undertook zoom calls with the students to discuss the project and provide training, so they felt comfortable filming their journeys. One of the ways we like to work with them is to be in touch with them throughout the production, usually on Whatsapp/Zoom, to answer their questions, give them feedback on their clips etc  The second part was jam-packed and we had to create a very specific schedule as we had to interview each of the six students and film each of them in action in Cambridge, in solo, and in groups…all of that in a single day! We also managed to capture enough content on the day to create a second video in the series Our first weeks in Cambridge’


The project, lasting six weeks, resulted in a well-received video posted on the University of Cambridge’s YouTube channel. Garnering thousands of views within days and accumulating 31K views, nearly 1000 upvotes, and no downvotes on YouTube after a year, it stands as a successful documentation of the students’ significant journey to Cambridge.