Koko Foundation

Following a successful pilot project where 20 trees were planted across two estates, Think & Do is now extending this project further across the Borough of Camden, London. Thanks to Koko foundation’s support. This is a wonderful way to increase biodiversity, add some vibrant seasonal colour, improve local peoples’ connections to nature and provide opportunities for local young people.


Follow the milestones of the 12-week long ‘Communi-Tree’ project, for Koko foundation and Thikn & Do, interviewing key people along the way.

Target platforms: YouTube, social media (IG, TikTok), 16:9 and vertical formats.



A self-shooting director would come for a few hours at a time and follow the project across 3 key moments. The filming style is simple and authentic, far from the polished world of corporate content, with a more organic and light-hearted approach.