Koko Foundation, Communi-Tree project

KOKO, in Camden, is way more than London’s iconic venue, with live music and club nights. The KOKO Foundation is just one of the many avenues they have pursued. Following a successful pilot project where 20 trees were planted across two estates, Think & Do is now extending this project further across the Borough of Camden, London. Thanks to Koko foundation’s support. This is a wonderful way to increase biodiversity, add some vibrant seasonal colour, improve local peoples’ connections to nature and provide opportunities for local young people.


Follow the milestones of the 12-week long ‘Communi-Tree’ project, for Koko foundation and Thikn & Do, interviewing key people along the way.

Target platforms: YouTube, social media (IG, TikTok), 16:9 and vertical formats.


A self-shooting director would come for a few hours at a time and follow the project across 3 key moments. The filming style is simple and authentic, far from the polished world of corporate content, with a more organic and light-hearted approach.


The video generated significant interest both within the local community and among the project founders. It played a pivotal role at numerous events, effectively promoting the project and propelling it toward its next milestone.