Managing Social Impact | ESCP Business School


The ESCP MSI project is part of the Marketing and Creativity course at ESCP Business school. Here we wanted to show a more talking heads piece, which brought together students and lecturers discussing the various elements of the project. 


As the project spanned a number of months, we filmed on a number of separate days, so we could pick up snippets near the beginning, middle and end. The filming was kept very efficient, as we picked up some interviews for this project whilst we were filming for other videos that were related to the course. The project also involved the students helping a charity in Philippines, and so we also incorporated footage shot by them on their mobile phones. This allowed us to capture a broad range of content, whilst keeping costs relatively low. 


The video was split into a series, to enhance content marketing, and then a final video. The videos were mainly organically promoted but did get some low level spend on social channels getting 10k’s of impressions and over 1000 link clicks.

“We all love what you did, and it got some great compliments-crisp, impactful, and more! So, thanks very much.”

Alison Clarke, Digital Communications Manager