ESCP Open Day 2023


Create a dynamic promotional video for ESCP London Campus Open Day. Aimed at youth (16-18 yo) interested in business studies, with visuals highlighting London’s allure as a top student destination. Highlight ESCP’s reputation and London’s appeal as a student destination.

Target platforms: YouTube, social media (FB, IG, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn), events. Use various formats: horizontal, vertical, square.



Our creative team proposed a video idea of students delivering lines to camera, with dynamic cuts between them, as if they were finishing each others sentences, in different London Locations until they eventually arrived at ESCP London Campus, where they invited the viewer to the Open Day.


We planned each shot and location, ensuring a fluid transition between the three characters and different scenes.


We collaborated University representatives to cast students with engaging personalities, put together a schedule that was accommodating to that of the students involved. After a recce of the locations and camera tests we could put together a precise storyboard and acquire permissions from relevant Borough Authorities.


The shoot took place over a single day, facturing in our tight schedule, travelling to various iconic London sites and our complex shot list.


As all transitions were noted in the storyboard the shots cut together seamlessly. We incorporated dynamic visual effects, upbeat music, and sound design to enhance the experience. The video was also reformatted for social platforms.



This advert played a direct role in attracting a record-breaking number of visitors to the Open Day.