Student Ambassador Call-Out


Imperial College London approached us with a request to create a promotional video aimed at increasing awareness and inspiring both current and prospective Imperial College students to become Student Ambassadors (SAs). The video’s goal was to educate them about the roles, benefits, flexibility, and support associated with the position. Emphasis was placed on attracting individuals from under-represented backgrounds, with a focus on highlighting the enjoyable and social aspects of the role to increase sign-up.


Our creative response proposed a captivating video featuring existing ambassadors actively participating in events, classes, and campus tours that prospective SAs might experience. To increase the connection with the audience, the SAs address the audience directly in the video breaking the 4th wall. This dynamic approach alternated between different scenes, with each sentence transitioning seamlessly to the next, through an energetic and concise script that highlighted the numerous benefits of the role.


In the pre-production phase, we dedicated two days to tasks such as scriptwriting, planning, storyboarding, and casting. This included selecting the key talent and arranging for additional cast members to stage various scenes representing the SA experience. We also conducted a recce day to familiarise ourselves with the locations. Production was carried out in a single day on location at Imperial College London’s South Kensington Campus.

Post-Production spanned three days to cover the edit assembly, client review, sound design, and colour grading. The video was meticulously formatted to suit various social media platforms, ensuring maximum reach and engagement.

By presenting the role of Student Ambassadors in a relatable and engaging manner, our approach successfully conveyed the benefits and appeal of becoming an SA at Imperial College London and was really well received by all involved.


The video has been used a lot during our client’s recruitment round and everyone has found it motivating and informative. Prospective ambassadors have mentioned the video to them and followed up watching it by asking us some great questions about the scheme, which is exactly what they wanted.

The client added:

“we’re really pleased with it and have seen record numbers of applications for the scheme this year!”