Television at Edge Hill University


Edge Hill commissioned us to create a series of 24 course videos for their website. The videos needed to include a human element, rather than a series of facts and therefore include real students’ testimonials,  whilst featuring the key USPs of the course and the university altogether.


We chose to create a series of high-quality, personal, narrative-centred course videos. These will integrate well-shot and produced interviews, a series of cutaway scenes linked to study and the course, before wrapping up with an aspirational hero shot of our student.

Our aim was to ensuring the videos were ‘personable whilst informative’. This also fits better with the videos being positioned at the ‘consideration’ phase on course pages.

Each video would focus on a single student, with cutaway scenes captured in the learning environment. The interview would form the central narrative, and through this we will communicate their experiences and details about the course.

Although the videos would all follow a similar overall structure, the use of different locations and interviewees ensures each video would retain a unique ‘personality’. The videos would be engaging and personal, designed to connect the viewer to the course in question through the students’ experience and locations we show.


Given the number of videos, an efficient production process was key to getting the most out of the budget. Where possible, we wanted to maximise the resources towards the creative and end-videos themselves.

With 24 videos to produce, some elements had to be consistent to ease the production process. This included the overall style and the structure (i.e. based around a single interview plus key cutaway scenes). This not only brought efficiency but meant the videos as a collection worked as a whole. With a very specific schedule in place, we managed to shoot the entire series in 10 days overall.


These videos not only provide prospective students with an inspiring glimpse into the courses but also enable Edge Hill University to present a well-designed and consistent set of videos across their portfolio of programs.