Women in Engineering | London South Bank University

A video we created with London South Bank University to celebrate International Women in Engineering day. 


The brief was to create a video featuring academics and students from LSBU to help inspire the next generation of female engineers who are under-represented in the engineering industry as a whole.

LSBU take quite a fresh and modern approach to their media output, so we incorporated a number of effects in the edit, which aligned with this overall style, but also chosen to compliment the engineering content of the video. 

We wanted to highlight engineering as a subject that more women would be excited to study through the voices of the academic and research talent at the university. The narrative was specifically designed so that we only referenced LSBU at the very end of the piece, which added to the impact, whilst keeping a soft-branding tone of voice. 

There was some simple pre-production, to recce interview locations, semi-script messaging, and then plan the logistics of the shoot. 

It was a one-day shoot, where we filmed a number of interviews at various locations on campus with a small team. This included a producer/director, 2 x camera operators (one focused on interviews and the second taking talent for cutaway scenes after each interview), and an assistant. 

The edit was turned around within a week of the shoot, with a main 2 min edit, subtitled version, plus number of shorter social cuts. 


The video was extremely well received by the LSBU marketing and academic team, and allowed them to create extra impact and awareness around the Women in Engineering day.


“Thank you so much for this…It looks amazing, well done team.”

Jean Bravo, Digital Content Producer, LSBU