Women in Finance | Imperial College Business School


What does it mean to be a woman in finance?  Imperial College Business School approached us to create a hero promotional video aimed at increasing awareness of the gender gap in the finance industry, which is still very male-dominated.


Our client selected three successful female alumni of Imperial’s Finance Master’s programmes, who shared how their life experiences and time at Imperial have shaped and set them on the path to becoming leaders in the finance industry.

We opted to craft intimate portraits by blending classic interviews seamlessly with dreamlike scenes. This approach serves as a metaphor for their career and aspirations while delving into specific moments from their past that influenced their choice of profession.


During pre-production, we engaged participants in insightful Zoom interviews, capturing the essence of their unique stories. This not only informed tailored visuals for video-projection scenes but also shaped the personalised narrative for interview questions.

Ahead of the filming day, we tested the projection material on set, streamlining the setup process and optimising shooting efficiency.

We shot everything in 1.5 days, optimising the schedule to accommodate interviews, projection scenes, and additional cutaway scenes with our three participants, who spent about 2h each with the crew.

In post-production, we crafted their individual stories, adhering to the pre-defined narrative arc. Our focus on a dream-like aesthetic (both visually and aurally) aims to captivate and inspire viewers, adding an extra layer of allure to each participant’s journey.


The video has achieved remarkable results through both organic reach and paid advertising.

Our client was very pleased with how things turned out. They even said this video project was a highlight of their year!