Deliver Authentic UGC & Richer Video Surveys

Introducing Recordr

Discover Recordr – our state-of-the-art, user-centric video capture tool. Designed to streamline the often challenging process of creating user-generated content (UGC), Recordr introduces ease, control, and confidence to every project. Whether you’re aiming for genuine student-led videos or capturing impactful insights through video surveys, we’ve got you covered.

Collaborate effortlessly with students, staff, and alumni. Craft video content that genuinely connects with your audience.


No download required, access via a dedicated web page or embed on your site.


Recordr works across all device types with the option of fixed orientation on mobile.


Customise with your logo and colours for a consistent user experience.


Collect additional text-based information using custom forms.


All submissions are securely stored in our bespoke collaborative portal


Collaboratively review, rate, approve and download submissions via the portal


All submissions are automatically transcribed for ease and reviewing.


You have full control of projects with a custom management portal.

Easy to produce trusted user-gen video

Genuine student-led narratives can be a powerful way to connect with your audience. Recordr streamlines the creation of such user-generated videos, ensuring your content remains both on-brief and on-brand. By introducing structure and control to the UGC process, Recordr enables you to harness compelling stories that elevate your brand and its message.

Natural & Authentic UGC

Capture genuine narratives that represent your community, forging deeper connections with your audience.

Convenient to Produce

Engage with your community globally, making remote recording seamless and straightforward.

Cost-Effective Production

No need for filming teams, means you can reduce costs dramatically while still delivering top-tier video content.

Video surveying brings deeper insight

In a world where data is king, video-based surveys bring a new depth of understanding. Traditional surveys can capture thoughts, but video captures emotion, tone, and sentiment. Recordr has been tailored for students and alumni, where video interactions are second nature, and their preferences in mind. With the aid of AI-driven analysis and reporting, Recordr ensures that no nuance is missed.

Get Richer Feedback

Delve deeper than traditional surveys; video uniquely captures emotion, sentiment, and nuances that written feedback often misses.

Connect with your community

Share your survey with unparalleled ease using a single link, ensuring it's accessible from any corner of the globe, by anyone.

Powered by Video-First

Designed specifically for students and alumni, Recordr leverages the video-first mindset of the modern generation.

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