Effective video is built on solid strategic foundations.

Creating quality and effective video requires investment. Therefore, it makes sense to plan it properly. We believe great looking video should be anchored in a well-considered strategic approach.  

Video shouldn't just look great, it needs to perform.

We all know video is a great way to communicate and market your brand online. However, it can be hard to stand out in the crowd. There’s huge competition, both in the quality of video online, and trying to get viewers attention for more than a few seconds. All too often beautifully produced video doesn’t get the exposure it deserves. 

We believe video needs to not only be visually stunning, but should perform. If it isn’t seen, it can’t inspire and engage your audience. We have the skills to plan and create effective and engaging content. Video that both looks great and produces a solid ROI.

Our strategy series

As well as creating a 12-point video strategy guide, which can help you develop your own content strategy. We've turned all the content into a series of videos where we run through all the elements you will need to consider.

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Why develop a video strategy?

If you create video that adds value, audiences will want to watch. However making engaging and effective video can be complicated. We ensure quality using a well-designed production process.


With tough competition online you can create video people want to watch.


Lots of video that is produced doesn't get the views it deserves.


Well-planned video saves costs, and gives a solid return on investment. 


A video content strategy can uncover new opportunities, and improve business performance.

A considered creative approach

 With every project we tailor the approach so that it is aligned to your overall goals, whether that be to drive sales, increase exposure, or enhance the conversations with your audience. The strategy then helps focus the creative, so we produce videos that are not only tailored for the audience, but look great.

We feel our job doesn’t stop when the final video is delivered. We build strong relationships with out clients and partners, offering ongoing advice, keeping up to date with new technologies and ideas, as well as continually improving videos performance after delivery.


Strategy and planning

We start by conducting a full video audit, to understand how you use video, and the areas that could be improved. We then work with you to develop a full strategic plan and approach of how video might be used more effectively. 


Training and insight

One key to making cost effective video, is using in-house resources to make the easier or more social content. We give organisations the tools and knowledge to produce great video in-house. We provide training courses on content creation.  


Guidelines and assets

The starting point for improving efficiency in content creation is a clear set of video brand guidelines and an assets pack. Once created it can save thousands in production costs over time, and ensure's your video stays on brand. 

Need advice on creating video content for educational uses. We'd be happy to arrange a consultation call.

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