Study Maths at ICLMS: Case Study

Overview and Aims

A new school focused on further maths will be opening on the Woodhouse College site in West London. This is a dedicated school for 17-18 year olds who have a particular interest and passion in Maths. The school is supported by a range of stakeholders and partner institutions, one of which is Imperial College London.

We have worked closely with Imperial College and Imperial Business School for a number of years on a range of video production projects, including educational videos and school videos.

Approaching the Brief

The brief for this project was to create a promotional video that engaged with prospective students, parents, and teachers. The goal was to increase awareness and generate interest in the new school, encouraging students to sign up when it opens.

Given the diverse audience, the video messaging and approach needed to be tailored and carefully considered. We aimed to create content for a range of platforms, including social media platforms like TikTok, which is popular among the target age group.

Our Process

Initially, we considered producing an animated style video, but given that the new school had not yet finalised their brand guidelines, we decided that a more traditional interview-based video would be the best approach. We used a video we had previously produced for LSBU and the Lambeth Group Schools as inspiration for the project. It provided an authentic and natural look into the college environment and stylistically resonated with our target audience.

Once the approach and brief were agreed upon, we began planning the production and narrative. We decided to film across two days, interviewing three types of people: those behind the project, including the CEO and Headmaster of the school; partners and academics who could provide more detail on their involvement, the benefits of further maths, and the career paths it opens up; and finally, current or former students who could speak to the benefits of studying further maths.

To structure the narrative, we highlighted the key messages that needed to be included, such as why the new school would be a great place to study, what it would offer, and the pathways that studying Maths could open up. We wanted to provide an aspirational and outcomes-based narrative, using the voices of those we interviewed. The video was semi-scripted, knowing which key points needed covering but with flexibility to explore opinions and other angles, keeping the piece natural and authentic, whilst remaining structured in overall messaging.

"The eventual product captured exactly what was included in the brief and the 60 second edit has more than 57k views on TikTok!"

Filming took place over two days, one at the Woodhouse site, where the new college would be situated, and the second at Imperial College. This visually fit into the wider narrative about the pathways – seeing both the college and university. With this came the opportunity to highlight the partnership between the two institutions and how it benefits students.

Outcome of the Video

In conclusion, this video production project was a great opportunity to showcase our capabilities in creating promotional videos for educational institutions, and our ability to tailor the content and approach to different platforms, reaching a diverse audience. We hope it will generate interest and help the new school to recruit students when it opens.

"I appreciated and valued your communication, planning, account management, flexibility, patience, and dedication in producing high quality videos for us."

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